CoryJohnn - Edmonton Video Production
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Video Production

While no project is the same and the process can often deviate (it’s a good thing!), this is what you can expect from pre-production to delivery.



First, I learn everything there is to know about this project including budget, timeline, purpose and goals. This is where we put our ideas to paper. We’ll work the vision into a well-crafted storyboard and finesse until we’re all more than satisfied. I assemble my dependent and talented crew and make sure everyone is prepared. If included in the project scope, I’ll source a location, props and talent. Everyone will be provided with a detailed schedule for shoot day(s).




On shoot day we show up (over) prepared and eager to bring your vision to life. You’ll quickly notice my strong attention to detail and precision, and constant client involvement to guarantee you we’re on the right track. You’re in good hands and can trust that we don’t stop until we’ve got exactly what we came for, or better. Knowing that we’ve gone above and beyond our job in the production stage makes post-production a much more organized and streamlined process.



Post -Production

We’ve got the shots, and now comes the editing. In this stage I’ll be tampering with the audio, colouring, design, and overall style and feel of the video until it’s just right. Back and forth communication and input during this step is essential in order to make sure we nail it. Maybe an idea comes to mind and you see a little something you want changed - let’s do it! We’ll continue to share our thoughts and comments all throughout post-production.




Using the newest in camera technology allows me to deliver all the way up to 8k, well beyond the industry standard. Your sharp looking video is now ready to be shown to the world. Whether it’s to be displayed on your website, the big screen (or little screen), YouTube, Vimeo, social media, at an event, or elsewhere - I’ll provide you with the appropriate digital deliverable. By shooting in 8k I’m also able to pull from a large selection of video stills made available due to shooting in such high resolution. This doesn’t signal the end, however. The relationship with my clients is ongoing and I ensure the longevity of each project by providing continual support and resources.