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Paradise Estates

Paradise Estates

 Paradise Estates has been an ongoing project over the last year and a half. I was originally  



For this project, Lindon wanted to showcase a live performance as well as a choreographed dance. Once we both decided on specific locations, Lindon took care of the dance group and I started to plan the shoot day.



I felt that using a stedicam would be the best way to go and it would not only help us with smooth shots throughout the day, it also helped with keeping everyone on schedule and completing the multi-location shoot in one day. I had Corey Sadoway operate the stedicam, as I pulled focus and directed the day along. 


The first location was set at Crash Hotel, starting out in a room and leading the band out into the hallway to deliver the first part of the song. This part of the video was more of a run and gun style as we wanted to spend most of our time at the second location.

We used the back warehouse at Timbre Studios to complete the second half of the video, this would allow us to utilize the 30 extras + dance group that Lindon had arranged to show up and dance along for the video. We used a hazer to give atmosphere to the space, and back-lit the entire shot with 2 x Arri M18's which gave the light streaks as well. 

From pre-production all the way through to post-production, Lindon and his team were great to work with on completing this high energy music video.