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Paradise Estates

Paradise Estates

 Paradise Estates is a project that has been constructed over the last year and a half, I was tasked to follow the building process of a group of homes in West Kelowna. What had really drawn me to this series of videos was the different approach of telling the story. I partnered up with MakeSpace to create a more cinematic and visually compelling story line, rather than a group of documentation videos.  

The first video in the group showcases the people behind the project, slowly introducing the vision that has become Paradise Estates


I wanted to capture the look and feel of this video in a more candid fashion,  I didn't want talking heads or walk-throughs, but something that was easy to watch and connect with.

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This was a project that never felt rushed, we always had ample time to take in the locations and scenery to really develop the look we were aiming for. 

Paradise Estates-Kal Nichols
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This project was entirely shot on RED Cameras giving us the best results possible. Starting off with the Epic-X and finishing with the Epic-W, we were able to really capture the colors, beauty and essence of the Okanagan. Showcasing the surrounding areas was very important for these videos as we needed to show a footprint of the properties. For this we used the DJI Mavic Pro which was very versatile and has performed extremely well,  even keeping up with speeding boats.  

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With the combined efforts of MakeSpace and the entire team at Paradise Estates, documenting the process of these properties has been an amazing opportunity.