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Kenton Jeske

Kenton Jeske - Woodworker

Local woodworker, craftsman and designer, Kenton Jeske, presented me with the task of creating a video to be displayed at his Spring 2017 exhibit, Ceremony.

Ceremony is a presentation of Kenton’s intricately designed furniture, and a great opportunity for Kenton to share the story of who he is, what he does, and how each piece comes to exist. However, my goal was to do more than just that. I wanted this video to really resonate with the audience and stroke a curiosity. I wanted to shed a new perspective on who this woodworker really is and what his craft entails. But ultimately I wanted to leave the audience with a deeper relation to Kenton, and a deeper relation to his furniture.

This video was shot on the RED Epic using Canon lenses. It was shot over a 4 day period with roughly 8 hours of shooting total. Thank you to Kenton Jeske for being such an open and inspiring subject to work with.