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 Japan has always been on our bucket list and this year Nancy and I finally booked a trip and made it over to the land of ramen. We planned a 16 day trip with as much to see and as much culture to take in as possible. Everything from visiting temples, sleeping in monasteries with monks, learning to make traditional green tea and getting lost in the endless shops and cafes. I managed to bring along a camera to document the trip and to show off the immense beauty the country of Japan has to offer.

Pronounced - /jəˈpan/

I was able to fit a small RED package in my carry on backpack which included the camera, two Leica Summilux-M primes, media, storage, power and a laptop. This was on top of the backpack I had packed for the trip itself. I had to keep the camera small and quick as we were always on the move through hotels, buses, boats and a million trains.

RED - Japan Package.jpg
RED - Japan Package 2.jpg

Below are a few images I had captured over the course of our 16 day trip, all shot my Fuji X100F. 

A sunset over Osaka.

Osaka - Sunset - Blade Runner.jpg

A panorama overlooking Osaka.

Osaka Panorama Small.jpg

Nancy enjoying one of many beers in Kyoto.

Nancy - Beer.jpg

Before a Giants game at the Tokyo dome.

We fell in love with the train system, here is an evening in Tokyo.

Tokto - Trains.jpg

The small alley ways with endless restaurants.

Japan has to be the most inspiring place I have ever been, and we already have long term plans of visiting many more times in the future.