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My  name is  Cory and  I’m an  Edmonton based motion and stills photographer.

My  name is  Cory and  I’m an  Edmonton based motion and stills photographer.

The path I’ve gone down to get to where I am today has definitely been an interesting one. I purchased a camera to have it more or less collect dust, only to pick it up again a couple years later and truly appreciate it.

It all began on the paintball field where I played the sport competitively at an international level (fun fact many don’t know about me). It was there that I enjoyed capturing moments of a game and being able to relive it over and over through an image or video. It was there that I learned to read and follow a moment. It was also there that I became inspired by characters and emotions.

Although home is and always will be in Edmonton, I’ve grown a passion for adventure both near and far. I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to travel around North America and showcase the beauty and uniqueness of mountain ranges, prairie skies, forests, waterfalls, trails few have explored, and more.

As photography and videography continue to grow in popularity, I take pride in knowing that I’ve found my unique style and have the ability to stand out from the pack.  I like to emphasize a raw, gritty, and organic feel to my images and video.

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Having said that, I love a good challenge and will always do my best to make sure my clients are extremely happy with their final product. Think my style isn’t cut out for your needs? You’re likely wrong – no offence.
I’m very grateful that I happened to purchase that camera many many years back and discover a hobby and skill that I was able to develop into a career.

I enjoy coffee, whisky, tacos and computer games.
But will also work for money.

Want to know more about me? I’m always happy to chat so feel free to connect!