CoryJohnn - Edmonton Video Production
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ATB - Global Transfers Online

I recently had the pleasure of working with ATB Financial, the largest Alberta-based financial institution with locations in 244 alberta communities and over 730,000 customers.

For this project I created a 30-second video in which the story of a family separated by distance is captured through one basic concept: making rice in their respective kitchens.

The purpose of this video is to invite viewers to become aware of and find out more about ATB’s Global Transfers online service. But it’s also more than just that.

Through the warm and inviting settings we created on each of the two sets (Kitchen 1 and Kitchen 2), I aimed to create a scene in which one could relate and understand. I wanted to tap into the viewer’s senses and pull them into the picture: cue the sound of sloshing water, mixing of the rice, and birds chirping in the background. I wanted the audience to feel the grains of rice in between their fingers at the same time the talent rinsed the rice under the tap, or feel the steam emanating from the freshly made rice as it was placed on the table.

By lighting and colouring the two scenes differently, we were able to create a sense of place and really decipher that the two subjects were uniquely apart.

This shoot was a great example of the power behind a great team of professionals and of preparedness. As Director of Photography I was involved in the planning from start to finish, including honing in on the ultimate vision of the client, as well as needs and goals behind the creation of this video. I was the lead on talent, prop and location scouting as well as assembling and preparing my crew for shoot day. My crew included Paul Swanson as Production Assistant and Chase Axton with Grip and Lighting. We shot over a one day period with a team of roughly 8 people total.

The commercial came together exceptionally well and I’m honoured to have had the opportunity to bring this video to its creation.