CoryJohnn - Edmonton Video Production
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 With keeping the under-banked in mind, the goal of Cashco is to reach the 5 million Canadian customers who fall within this category.

I was contacted to produce a series of videos that highlighted the lives of Canadians that struggled with their financial situations. The series  focused on three individuals and their families, hearing what they had to say and really seeing their "realities". Throughout the three days of production following Sebasiten, Ashly and Tom, my crew and I were able to successfully highlight what being in these situations felt like.

Below are three 30 second TV spots produces for this campaign. 

"My Reality - Fall Campaign"

Working alongside Dennis from Makespace had been a pleasure on this project as we had the same vision for the aesthetic and overall look. We both wanted to keep a majority of the shots close and intimate, really helping the audience connect with each subject.

We had opened up each spot with a non-descript wide shot, giving a sense of where these people lived. Slowly getting into more detailed and descript shots of them and their surroundings.

Through the combined efforts of Cashco, MakeSpace and my Crew, this project came together exactly as envisioned and story boarded. I was happy to be a part of something with a lot of meaning behind it, and able to make it look great at the same time too.